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QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper

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QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse

                            Racing Handicapper QuickPlay shows you pertinent information so you can make an informed decision as to which horse should win.

QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper  comes with  Trainer Tricks and Horse Performance Angles automatically right on the race screen. You also have Sprint and Route Spot Plays at the push of a button. 

Unsolicited Testimonial
"I like your software.  Hit 4 out of 5 races at Gulfstream today while playing with it...it points out important class, speed and pace disparities at a glance so you can concentrate on the real contenders. " LS

QuickPlay Gets 'Smarter'

The Testing Option allows you to test QuickPlay and see how it performed, plus, you can use your DRF and results files (XRD) to optimize QuickPlay.  It gets 'smarter' for each track you wager on.  You will see how your win percentage will increase when optimizing QuickPlay at your favorite horse racing tracks. You can optimize as many tracks as you need, and load the configuration into QuickPlay.

You can download QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper Version 3 and try it for 7 days free of charge.  This is fully functional evaluation horse racing software.  Try it for yourself with a 7 day free trial and see if it is right for you.

Unsolicited Testimonial
"I have been playing the races many years now, and have tried many programs.  Yours is the only one I did not delete!  It is very good, and with tuning like you are doing it can only get better." TC

QuickPlay also comes with a Color Coded Past Performance screen for easier handicapping

Note: You will need a Brisnet account to download Brisnet's PP Data Files (single format.)

Get your copy of QuickPlay today and win at the racetrack.

Features include:

  • It's simple and easy to use
  • Color coding for easy handicapping analysis
  • Uses BRIS DRF files
  • Trainer Tricks' codes on screen for indicating track long shots instantly
  • Testing mode for changing internal calculations and optimizing for each race track
  • Past Performance screen at a click of your mouse
  • Scratch horses with the click of your mouse
  • Free updates
  • Print Race, Results and Notes
  • Bottom Line - It helps make you money at every horse racing track

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Unsolicited Testimonials
"Thanks for the software.  I really like it. I seem to be doing well using the trainer tricks and my own eliminations."  DG

"So far with just one day of using this program I think it is just what I was looking for." JP

"Great job, we are really impressed!"  NS

Download QuickPlay Free Trial

QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper


QuickPlay Awards

Unsolicited Testimonials
for QuickPlay Horse Racing Handicapper

I respect your honesty and I must say I am very happy with your program that I use in conjunction with another program. I do use workouts a lot and believe me when I use the 2 programs with the workout numbers I hit many more winners and BIG winners!  Thanks again and all the best.  GR

Kevin, I just want to say that this is a great program.  Thanks for putting it out there. TD

I have to thank you for this great program. I was able to pick it up on ebay and the more I play with it the more I like this program. It is by far one of the best affordable programs that produces good results. I told my friends to jump on this program as its a great plus to define your contenders. Thank You.  PV

Just a note of thanks.  Providing updates to Quickplay goes above and beyond what any ebayer has ever done for me.  As a result, I will be buying your other program.  Thanks and keep up the good work.  Phil

I purchased Quickplay back on 4-11-07 and have found it to be very useful. GC

Fantastic job on the programming.  I do not know how it is done, except that it is very difficult and you are making amazing progress.  I am truly impressed.  JR