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QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing

QuickPlay Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapper

 - You have before you horse racing software that can help you make money. Whether wagering on longshots, playing the exotic bets, or betting to win, QuickPlay can help you achieve success. Handicapping the horse races is an art. No software exists that will consistently pick the winner for you no matter what the software author claims. One reason for this is that every horse in a horse race has a chance of winning. QuickPlay picks enough winners to keep you in constant profits. Try it for 7 days free.  - $49.95 More Details


Back to Basics Horse
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Back to Basic's - Horse Prediction Tool 

is simple to use. Just download your past performance files into the programs File folder, click "Unzip Files", and your ready to go. It applies basic handicapping techniques to each horse and then scores them to find the contenders in a race. This horse racing prediction software uses a set of "rules" to weigh different handicapping factors... 7 day free trial. - $49.95 More Details


NEW - Your Spot Play Written Here - Do you have a paper and pencil spot play or method that you would like programmed into your own software program?  Get it written here.  Just download a data file from Brisnet and a couple of clicks later you can have your horse racing plays for your track in seconds on your computer screen or print it out to take with you to the track. 
- Program Setup $100.00.  Additional plays added at half price.
Email: sales@quickplayhorseracingsoftware to start setting up your very own software.
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